self defense

The last 3 days have been like hell to me. I couldn’t sleep well at night, and that makes me sick. I’m not really a sleeper, but when I lack of sleep I’ll become this grumpy and emotionally unstable person.

So then I whined to someone. Then I kept defending myself. I wouldn’t listen to any word he said and debating instead. Until at certain point this guy told me that if I were someone else, he would’ve left me since I first debated. Only then I realized that I’ve been like a baby, spoiled and demanding. Huff.. I’m not normally like this.

Well, only then I realize that every person has their childish side, and that day was my childish day. I then remember my teacher told me once that every person has their childish side. What makes someone different from the others is the percentage that childish side appears in their lives. I wrote earlier about being selfish, it’s one part of childishness.

For those who know me well, I’m not usually very childish. In fact, I always try my best to be the toughest and strongest girl, but there are days when I’ve been too tired with all the act and I’ll be a crybaby.. only to the ones I love. 🙂


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