work hard, play HARDER

I have so much free time these days, but I dunno why I’m never in the mood to write. It seems like my passion for writing a blog has faded away. I dunno whether this is a good sign or a bad one, all I know is that I’m now quite happy with my life. When I wrote this blog almost everyday back last year, I was pretty bored and lonely with office and house stuff I didn’t go play that much. Now that I’m living in a new place, I’m never bored exploring new things I can find during my free times.

Well, a good excuse to not updating your blog, eh? 😛

The title of this post is more or less my life motto lately. Work hard, play harder. I must admit that studying abroad needs some extra effort than when I was studying in my home country. My first months here I need some adjustments to the language used to deliver the lectures. It’s not that I don’t understand English, I just wasn’t used of using that every single day. The hardest thing is when I need to write a report, because it seems like the way people express their analysis in English is a bit different (or is it just me being stupid?) that my presentation just didn’t impress the lecturers and tutors.

With some help from my seniors, I finally managed to overcome that language problem. Second thing, I need to find things I can do in my free time. I don’t really have that much friend like I had back in Indonesia. I had to stick with my old friends which seem to have had their life settled here, with their own groups of friends. It’s not like they ignore me, it’s just me who couldn’t really blend up with others. So in order to be able to explore the new town, I use Google *most of the time* to find fun places around me, and ask some new friends to go with me. Or, just simply go there by myself. Yea, one thing I love about this town is people won’t stare at you strangely just because you’re wandering around by yourself. So I’m free to go. 🙂

There I go. I can work hard and play harder. 😀 I’m not the type of person who can stay in my room all day and do assignments without going out at all. That way I’ll sure be stress out and be even more wild the next day. 😛 I need to keep my life balanced. Studying here needs extra effort and extra work. Hence, I need extra play as well. Hehe..

I don’t like being a deadliner, but I don’t like being pushed too hard either. The condition at the moment is all my groups *I’m not so lucky this semester* push me really hard to finish all works before the due date. Waaaayy earlier than the due date. I’m now wondering how a person can be like that? Do they know the meaning of having fun? *sigh* Well, maybe I’m just not that kind of hardworker.

*let’s work hard and play harder*


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