be the best or the ordinary guy?

A guy told me once his story when choosing a school he finally went to. He was accepted at 2 schools: the best school in town and the middle-ranked school. Before finally deciding, he was in quite a dilemma about whether to go to the best school–to study there is like everyone in town’s dream or to the middle-ranked school. His previous education was from another middle-ranked school.

I’m writing this story because this is what happened to me almost 10 years ago, when I was applying for high school. I was studying at a middle-ranked junior high school and accepted at the 3rd best [not the 1st] private school in town [I dunno why but the ministry of education separates the ranking for public and private schools]. I had always dreamed about studying in this good school ever since I saw my older friend going there to study. Plus the fact that it is a girls school. πŸ˜› [I didn’t really get along with boys well back in junior high.] Well, then I went there without even trying to sit in the entrance examination for the middle-ranked high school. πŸ˜›

Different thing happened to my friend. He was accepted at both the good school and the middle-ranked one, then he chose to be in the middle-ranked one. He told me that he always wanted to be the best student at school and he wouldn’t be able to achieve that if he was to be in the good school with good students inside. Later then, he became the best student in the school while I became the ordinary middle-ranked student between my clever friends in the new school. We had different honours but in the end what matters was whether we are happy with our choice. I can happily and proudly mention the school’s name when people asked me where I was going to study to and he can proudly mention all the rewards he’d gotten in his school.

When we’re lucky enough to be accepted at anything’s best [best school or best company], we are free to choose: whether to be the best in an ordinary place or to be the ordinary guy in the best place. Each choice has its own advantages. πŸ™‚

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