In this social networking era, we can easily “unfriend” someone when we feel like it, but in the real world, we can’t. We can delete someone from our Facebook friend or unfollow and block someone in our Twitter account. Problem is we can’t do that in real life. Once you know a person, you’ll forever know him/her, no matter how your opinion to them is.

You can like or dislike a person, but you can’t deny that he will forever be involved in your life, no matter how hard you try to block all connections to him.

A teacher told me once that “what people do to you is the reflection of how you treat them,” and up until this very second, I’m still sure that the statement is true. When someone does bad things to you over and over again, then rather than being mad and unfriend him, you should better reflect to yourself first; what might be the cause of he doing those things to you? There’s no smoke without fire, so you might have done something wrong to him but you never realized it. Anyways, people tend to see other’s mistakes in the first place and don’t take into account their own mistakes, no matter how bigger their own mistakes are. It’s human to be like that. But to decide to unfriend someone? Wow, that’s big. Humm.. and childish.

I don’t unfriend someone when I don’t like him. I’ll speak to him, face to face, telling him that I don’t like him so let’s just split up and not be friends anymore. If we need to do work together, then just do it professionally. That way it will be more fair. However, not all people can do that and I’m not a typical girl [must admit that most girls won’t do what I do], so let’s just take the reality that unfriending someone in the social networking sites is a normal thing, even though it’s totally not.

Have a nice weekend πŸ˜‰

2 thoughts on “unfriend

  1. wow, did someone just unfriend you on facebook. i guess it doesn’t really matter if someone unfriend me on facebook, if they don’t want to see me then who cares, whatever makes them happy what.


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