online shopping

Living in a country where most goods are expensive, one solution to do shopping is by bargain websites which allow us to pick what we want and they will ship it to us. In two words, online shopping.

This kind of shopping has been quite popular back in Indonesia too, but on those days, I never felt guilty walking around the shops and getting what I want right from the rack. Now that I live in Australia, most shops will offer high price so the guilty feeling will come after I buy one or two stuff.

My friend showed me several deals and bargain websites where I could buy things cheaper and easier, but I just don’t get the desire to buy anything there. It doesn’t feel like shopping when what you do is sitting in front of your computer at home and voila!, the goods are sent to you. Moreover, I’m an insecure person I want to see and make sure that what I buy is what I want. That’s why until this time, even though sometimes I’m tempted by the cheap price those deals websites offer, I still prefer shopping in the stores themselves. It means shopping with higher price but actually the satisfaction level will also be kept high at certain point. 😛

Girls will be girls. 😉


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