happy face

I’m not really in the mood of writing something serious rite now, so let’s just start with the happy face topic. 🙂

I chatted with a friend yesterday *asked him about his results which were just out* and after some lines, he replied to me: why are you always happy?

Am I always happy? Well, the answer to that question is definitely no. To be exact, I worry about too many things in life I’m not that happy, but only some people who are close to me know that. I read this comic book about a girl telling her friend to “be happy” in front of others, no matter how sad she is, because that’s what that girl does all the time. More or less, I’m inspired by that girl. No matter how sad I am, I always try to look happy to anyone but my closest ones.

I always try to show my emotions on my face, but my bestie said most of the time my face will look indifferent. People who are not that close to me won’t be able to recognize whether I’m happy or sad. Hehehe.. well maybe I’m a good introvert person. 😀 To be honest, I’m happy that not all people can tell when I’m sad. I don’t like it when others pity me because I look sad. I tend to keep things to myself.

So let’s keep the happy face in place and keep the sad face when you’re alone. :):):)


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