It’s been 7 days since my last exam and I’ve been celebrating my holiday quite happily by going out with some friends and watching movies I missed during exam. Now I’m happily announcing that I’m broke that I can only stay at home, watching Taiwanese drama which I can watch online [no additional expenses :P].

One thing that came across my mind this morning while I was preparing for my lunch was about wealth. Having grown up in the same country didn’t make me realize how wealthy people can be. Once I moved to this country, I finally realize that there are so many wealthy people living around me. Their kids who study here never mind about spending money [which I think is a bit too spendy]. Okay, you can point at me for also studying abroad with self-funding too, but I’m really not like that. And I don’t like that. I’ve never been wealthy so I don’t know how it feels like spending more money than necessary. [Well, okay, not that bad, but I mean, at least I always use what I’ve bought.]

Is it that I’m too stingy? I dunno either. LOL. I went to this store one day, keeping in mind that I came to shop, and I ended up buying nothing but a less than $10.00 item which was on sale. That’s who I am. 😛 I spent more when the money was from my work but I can’t really spend too much from my parents’ work. I hope it’s something good. 😛

Happy holiday~

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