Have you ever played a game called word search? [I dunno if it comes with 1 or 2 words.] In that game, even though we sometimes find a series of letters which can form a word, we don’t get to put it into account because the program says it doesn’t want that word. What we have to do is searching for the words the game has asked us to do.

In real life, things don’t go that simple. Human is never run by a program. Otherwise, we’ll all be robots. We have our own mind to think and decide thing as it goes. When we find our own series of letters and we can form a word or even a sentence from it, we’ll need to decide whether we want them to be the word or the sentence. We can make it happen.

We have rules, we are ruled but we’re not strictly tied to those rules. We have our own free will, and nobody can change that fact. Our life is not like a game, where the program becomes the strict ruler and whenever we’re lost or failed we can start things from the beginning.

So guys, never let ourselves be a stiff-minded person. Let’s be an open to outside world person, who can adapt to change and create our own rules.. 🙂

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