optimum vs maximum

How to prepare for exams? I almost forgot about the answer to that question. My last exams were 2 years ago, in my last semester for undergrad study.

Basically, I’m never this kind of nose-on-the-book person. I’m more like an easygoing person when it comes to study and prepare for exams. I don’t have any anxieties regarding scores.

This first semester after two years break is a bit different for me. Everyone around me studies really hard and that makes me pushing myself way too hard I feel like my head is going to explode. After some discussion with my good friends, I realize that this is not right. I need to loose up a bit in order to obtain an optimum state. What I’m doing right now is actually pushing myself to the maximum point and ignoring the optimum point, which is actually more important in the case of studying.

Believing that I’m a fast learner, I tend to get bored easily. If after the boredom comes I still force myself to study, I’ll start to give lower performance. The boredom is like my threshold point *oh gosh.. Am I studying too much? :P* and after that threshold, I’ll be in my saturation region, where my performance will either be constant with no acceleration or decreasing. πŸ˜€

Just like everything in life, optimum is always better than maximum. Quality is more important than quantity [this statement doesn’t apply to sales people :P].

*happy exams πŸ˜€

4 thoughts on “optimum vs maximum

  1. “Quality is more important than quantity”. that is just theory. not just that it doesn’t apply to sales, but also in production. any production company, wold tell you that their are proud of their quality product, but on the floor, they only want quantity. good luck with the exam


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