Why does someone dislike others?

There are several answers to that question, but one thing for sure, that person [the one who is disliked] usually realizes that he’s disliked. I dunno why and how, but people have this feeling [or instinct?] that make them aware when someone doesn’t like them. You don’t have to be a psychologist to be able to read one’s expression of dislike.

All people are like east and west. Left and right. South and north. Up and down. We’re always divided to several parts of life. Differences are something unavoidable, because everyone has his own will. We are created that way. The more we are alike, the more we are together and become united. That unity will or will not be the same with other unities. When there are so many gaps between two unities, then we can’t be together. We’ll have to decide that we are like east and west. Or left and right. Or south and north. Or up and down. We can’t walk together. We have to live separately from each other. Usually, these different unities dislike each other. We tend to dislike people who do not have the same thoughts and ideas as we do.

It is one’s decision whether to like or dislike someone. Tolerance is what we need in order to be friends with everyone, because even if we don’t like someone at first, we might find something interesting once we know more about that person. The biggest problem with people who are hardheaded is they have a very low level of tolerance. Hence, they don’t open their heart and mind to new ideas. They will dislike most people they meet. In contrast, people who have a high level of tolerance will like more people.

It is totally free to choose which one you want to be. But for me, the peacemaker :P, I’d prefer being someone with a high level of tolerance. Because based on my experience, being friends with a lot of different kinds of people is never a loss. It’s always an advantage.

*well, when everything is really out of control and out of limit, you’re free to dislike someone xP

*have a nice weekend, everybody~ 😀


2 thoughts on “dislike

  1. uuuu, i like confrontation, isn’t it fun to see how upset people can be. and it won’t be fun if it’s always peace and quiet, don’t you think so


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