Since I moved to this new place and started my life as a student again, I haven’t been able to wake up early in the morning and do all the routines. I tend to wake up late [after 8 am!! gosh..], stay in bed until 9 am and only then I’ll get out of bed. Well, it’s not really a problem because all my classes are night classes.

Now that the exam timetable is out, I’m panicked.. Most of my exams will start in the morning and the exam venue is quite far from my place. How am I gonna arrive there on time?? O_O

Anyway, I’m starting to wake up early, to get my body used to it. Take a shower, have my breakfast and read things [instead of studying :P], so in the next 2 weeks I’ll be able to attend the exam on time. πŸ™‚

It’s been a long time since I posted 2 writings on the same day. My first post today was not my writing, actually. It’s something I got from the mailing list, about why women should marry an engineer. I thought I’ve read it somewhere before.. but it’s nice to share it again. πŸ˜€ I’ll write something like that, someday, when I have time.

2 thoughts on “early

  1. that’s what alarm clock is for. ngomong2 soal skill game, kemaren liat di mx, ada game yg sejenis itu (soalnya dah lama ga liat mx), dan susah sekali, coret sana situ.


    1. yup. a!maze kan ya? game baru di MX. hihi.. suka main itu. tapi dulu smpt main game namanya hashi dan itu lebi susa lg πŸ˜› krn bs multi-line dan ga bole saling nabrak juga.

      err.. alarm clock just doesn’t wake me up.. huff.. the snooze button is so tempting πŸ˜›


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