swot vac

Earlier this semester, I was wondering what those two words mean. They are there in my study planner given by the university where I’m studying right now. As always, Google answered me. SWOT stands for “Study WithOut Teaching” and vac, of course, for vacation. It is one week before final exams where all students are given time to study and prepare for the exams. This week is Swot Vac week, yet I don’t feel like studying. In fact, I don’t really have time to study. Some lecturers still open their classes–which will still be full, I guess, with students curious what the lecturers will question in the exams–and some lectures decided to make the assignment deadlines during this week.

The exam timetable is finally out, and yeah, I’m not so happy with the exam arrangement. Only then I realized that the most hateful things about being a student again are exams.. I never really like exams. Even during my Bachelor study, I enjoyed exam weeks only because we didn’t have class then, and I was looking forward the semester break afterwards. I was also pretty lucky by the fact that I had this small group of friends which will help me studying and surviving through exams [regardless all the playing card sessions, which would take about 50% of the study time :P]. Now I’m not looking forward for the semester break and I don’t really have friends to study together. 😦 I miss my Bachelor time.. and friends.. 😦

Anyway, to all of you also having a swot vac week or will have it next week, good luck for finals. We can do it! 🙂


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