the skill game

I had a presentation last night and I didn’t really have anything to do in the morning. So instead of preparing for the presentation [which went off-track, the lecturer said, but blah!], I browsed through the AppStore in my beloved iPhone and installed several applications. It’s been a long time since I last downloaded games for my iPhone. I found this game called “The Skill Game” [o yeah I think I’m not an Action game or RPG material that everytime I downloaded those kinds of games I won’t play it for more than 3 times] and I got really addicted to it. I’m now already on Level 34. LOL.

The game is simple, you only need to connect the numbers increasingly from 1 to 15 [only to 12 at first] without touching the lines and the edge of the “paper”.

It’s really fun! The last time I got addicted to a game it was WordSearch. [Sudoku is my forever love :P] I can’t stop playing this Skill Game. Anyone cares to join and challenge me? 😀


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