dream job: writer

As maybe most of the reader who already subscribed to this blog can predict, I really like writing as it frees me from stress. Yea, living in this strange new place really stresses me out. I always like to write but now I like it even more.

I remember this conversation with mom a few months back:

Me: I want to be a writer.. or a magazine editor..

Mom: ….. (then laughed)

I think my mom thought I wasn’t serious as it was the conversation when I was desperate applying for jobs after I graduated. What she doesn’t know is, I’m serious!! I want to be a writer.

I knoooww.. People will question me since I’m now doing Master. Why the hell does this girl want to be a writer after all the years she’s been through studying all the hard stuff in Engineering?? Well, I can say, it’s my passion. LOL. I really envy all my friends who are now doing their passions. Even my best friend, who graduated from the Netherlands *LOL*, has bravely decided to resign from her job and is now doing what she wants to do. Envy her…

Well maybe we’ll see how it will go after I finish my Master. 😛 God please lead me through the way~

3 thoughts on “dream job: writer

  1. there is a way if you look hard enough for it. what kind of writer do you want to be? fiction, non-fiction, journalist, reporting writer, etc?


    1. dunno yet.. I like to write fiction but I’m not good at it. I’m thinking about “life and times” column or so. I like writing human interest stories..


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