broken heart

Most people who have been in love must know what broken heart feels like. Even if you’re currently single (and “untouched”) or happily attached must have this bad experience before you finally find someone. Yeah, it’s really hurtful.

Well, fairly speaking, for me broken heart has never been as bad as losing a family member. I’m quite a family person, so family always comes first. As far as i know, most people aren’t like me (or is it the other way around, i’m a bit not normal for not being like most people? :p). They tend to take broken heart more seriously than losing a family member. Or losing themselves. Stupid.

I’ve heard several stories about broken hearts. For the sake of all of us, i won’t mention any names here. 😀 When a serious relationship doesn’t seem to work, people usually cut ties with the others, so they don’t waste too much time doing useless thing.

One case that i heard is when a guy stated to his girlfriend that he is indeed a weak-hearted and useless person, his gf suddenly felt that this guy is not worth herself, so she decided to break up with him. After the break-up, the guy kept calling her until finally the girl agreed to meet up with him to make things clear between them. What she didn’t know was the guy planned on doing something, which in my opinion, really stupid to get the girl back. He banged his head to the wall until the girl finally said yes to his beg to be his gf again.

Another case (there are only 2 cases i want to share here) is this conversation between a couple:
Guy: I think we can’t be together anymore.
Girl: (at the edge of a bridge) Why?? (crying) I don’t want a break up. If you really dump me, I’ll jump!!
Guy: Please, if you want to do that, don’t do it here in front of me. I don’t want to spend money to pay for the ambulance. If you really want to commit a suicide, just buy a poison, but make sure you have a right dose, so your death won’t be hurtful.
(He doesn’t even care about the girl, then what will the girl commit suicide for?? He’s not worth it.)

Stupid things people do for someone who doesn’t even care about them.

Anyways, the heart break after a relationship is always worse than the heart break before the relationship starts. That’s because after a relationship, your heart has become more sensitive to that person, and losing that person will make you feeling very lonely after all the togetherness you have shared. But still, nobody is worth our life, since life is a gift from God and it’s a business between God and us only.

So for all the people out there, please don’t even think about killing yourself after a break up. There are many fish in the sea, why only stick to one person who dumps us and doesn’t even care about us? Just keep yourself busy with work and friends. It really helps. After you’re healed, go grab your fishing pod and find another fish. :p

Tee hee~

-written by someone who doesn’t want to feel heart broken anymore and is currently very happy with her love life ❤


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