I walked alone this morning when I passed a construction site near my place. It wasn’t my first time passing a construction site since I came to Australia, but it was my first time paying attention to what are there.

First, the whole site is fenced so nobody will risk his life walking inside the site [where there might be some dangerous loose ground or gas].

Second, on the door to the site there is this notice board that tells everyone to wear safety helmet and safety shoes before they enter. This means everyone. Gosh, in my home country even the employees aren’t wearing any.

Third, all the heavy machines are also fenced, even when they are placed outside the site. This is not only to avoid robbery [from what I know, the price of a heavy machine is quite high], but also to avoid serious injury to people passing by.

Fourth, all the medium voltage or high voltage wires are neatly covered, so even the radiation effect will be minimum. Well, back in my home country people don’t even care if the cables are in contact with some water when they’re not injured.

Last but not least, pedestrians will feel safe passing the site, because the pavement is also covered with some kind of shield, just in case something heavy [maybe big rock or the equipment used in the construction work] flies outside the site.

I don’t mean to make my own country sound bad, but it is bad when it comes to safety. Back there people don’t really care about safety. Even workers who climb a plant’s tower won’t wear any safety equipment. Argh.. I mean, how could you say you love life when you don’t even care about yourself’s life? 😦

Have a nice and safe weekend, everybody! 🙂


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