[People like it more when I post something positive and not something about my complains. So I’ll try to keep my head away from the thought that weekend is about to come and will pass really fast.]

At this moment, when I’m sitting in the middle of the cafetaria and seeing many people having lunch [I bought a lunch box for me but I don’t feel hungry so I haven’t touched it], I’m thinking about socializing. Since I come to Australia, I meet a lot of people from different countries. It is really natural, I think, to gather with people from your own country. Communications can be easier since you share the same habit and language. Plus, you’ll feel more like brothers and sisters since you’re far away from home.

For me, however, socializing with people from different countries is also important. You’ll practice your English and learn something new. This is my opportunity to get to know people from other countries. Under the condition that most people gather with their own “people”, I find it’s really hard to blend in. It’s been my 3rd month here and I don’t know so many people other than my group-mates and Indonesian friends. Making friends is hard, especially when my English is not improving since my first time coming here. I tried to join some clubs but it just doesn’t work. 😦

I’ll try to socialize better from now on. But maybe not with people who are always together, speaking their own language. 😛 [I feel intimidated]

[Gotta go. During this peak hour people keep coming to my table and asking to borrow the chair.]


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