the one

Someone asked me 3 days ago: “Do you feel that he’s the one for you?” and I answered ……. [PM me for the answer. Or not. :P]

What’s the definition of “the one”? I don’t know for sure. I only believe that everyone has his/her special someone with whom he/she can share all the joy and laughter, the sadness and tears.. practically everything. Sometimes even when you can share almost everything with that person, there are some problems that cannot be solved [or both of you are just too lazy to solve them] and break-up happens. If after the break-up you can make up again with that person [I’m not the break up-then-make up kind of person], then maybe he/she’s the one for you. If not, which is actually the biggest possibility, then he/she’s not the one. You’ll have to be patient and wait for a new person to come for you. Then the cycle begins again. Until you finally meet the one with whom you feel most comfortable, you can share everything and both of you can solve all problems calmly.

Whatever your state is now, just believe this one faith: everything happens for a reason. If you haven’t found the right person yet, then maybe you only need to gain more patience. If you’ve been hurt by your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, then at least you’ve had good times with them and there must be something you can learn from your relationships. If you’ve found the one, then simply maintain the relationship, enjoy, and wait for the proposal to make your relationship official in front of God and everyone. X) [Well.. I’m the girl, so I’m not going to propose anyone. It’s fine, however, if you’re a girl and you’d like to propose your boyfriend before he does.]

So, is he the one?

Only God, the person who asked me, and I who know the answer. 😛


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