Who don’t agree that communication is a very important thing? I think everyone would agree that it is important. Either it is related to keep in touch with all your family and friends or to something more formal like event organizing.

I now live far away from home [5207 km away, someone told me :P], from the family I love, from my boyfriend and also from most of my friends [I’m sure making friends here too, but it’s not as easy as before]. It’s not like this is my first time being far from home–I lived in Bandung for more than 4 years during my undergrad study, but still.. it’s uncomparable [does that word exist?] because the distance between Jakarta and Bandung are only 180 km. I could still see my family for at least once a month then. And I sure had many friends around. It was so much easier making friends back there. Anyway, not living at home gives me the feeling that I must keep in touch with everyone at home. I don’t contact home so often–my mom, too, is not the type of mother who calls her daughter regularly everyday only to ask whether I have had my meals–but we still feel the need to know the “big things”  happening to each of us.

Thankfully nowadays the internet and mobile phone technology are easy to get. I cannot imagine how people back in the ’80’s survived contacting their families and friends using airmails. It would take about 1 week only to get 1 letter to the destination in other countries. Communication is very much easier now. I can send photos of the place I’m living and the uni I’m going to everyday only in the count of seconds.

With everyone you love and care about, communication is the most important thing. Without a regular communication, how can you deliver your feeling?

Have a nice half-a-week, everyone! 😉


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