I read somewhere that people with the same appetite are usually similar in character. I always somehow believe it.

  1. People who like sweet food are usually cheerful and happy. People who eat sweets in order to relieve themselves from stress are not included here, because after the sugar effect disappears, they tend to be back to their personality.
  2. People who like hot and spicy food tend to be mean. Not only in the way they talk, but also in the way they act. Even if they seem to be a very nice person, there must be some time when they’re really down and they will act mean.
  3. People who like sour food tend to see things sourly. Just like their favorite. They see the bad side of every problem in the first place.
  4. People who like salty food usually have many things in mind and they don’t like when those things are not done.
  5. People who like any kinds of food are most likely to be open-minded and have wide variety of interests they can easily adapt to new environments and new people.
I don’t know if it’s true, but I have several groups of friends and each group has their own favorite food. When I’m with a group who really likes sweets, we always laugh with each other. When I’m with a group who really likes hot and spicy food, we tend to be mad when [for example] a waiter doesn’t place our order in time or correctly. Hehe.. how about you guys? 😛

2 thoughts on “food

  1. Setahu saya, apa yang orang makan akan tercermin dari sikapnya sehari-hari. 😀

    Makanya terlihat perbedaan orang yang suka minum minuman keras, makan babi, dengan orang vegetarian. 😆


    1. iya.. emang bener

      tapi kalo langsung menunjuk minum minuman keras ato makan babi, ga lantas orang itu jadi buruk. karna skrg tinggal di negara subtropis, minum minuman keras justru perlu, untuk menghangatkan badan. sgala sesuatu itu sbnrnya baik asal ga berlebihan. hehe..


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