a smile

I like taking photographs–don’t really like to be in one, though–so I also like seeing people’s expression in them. I dunno if there’s any relationship between photography and people’s expression. I’m just a bit too sensitive to people’s feelings. Based on an EQ test I took before, I have an EQ of 149–even higher than my IQ and SQ. It means I can read people’s expression, even the smallest bit of it. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don’t. Most of the time I can read the emotion behind every expression, but I pretend to not know. There are things better left unsaid.

Back to topic. What is the expression most people show in front of a camera? Yea, smile. There are many kinds of smile, though. The first one is a happy smile. Dr. Cal Lightman *this is a fictional character from the series “Lie To Me” :P* says that the smile which comes from the heart will make the tip of the eyes wrinkled. I didn’t notice it until he said it. But yes, that’s one indicator of a hearty smile. The second kind of smile is the forced smile. People doing this usually grin, only smiling in the lips but not in the eyes. I don’t like this kind of smile. It’s like watching people tend to be happy and enjoying themselves when the truth is they don’t. The third one is the hatred smile. People doing this kind of smile hold anger and hatred to others. The fourth kind is the sarcasm/cynical smile. This kind of smile can offend others because it says more lowering words than the words themselves. The fifth one is the uncomfortable/embarassment smile. Sometimes it doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy the time, they only don’t enjoy one part of the event. That’s why we should separate this from the second kind of smile. The sixth is the sad/touched smile. This one usually comes with tears. The touched smile will come with a happy feeling while the sad smile will come with a sad feeling. But both come with the same pattern.

In the photographs–snap shots excepted–people usually only use the two first kinds of smile. That’s what I pay attention at. I don’t like seeing people grinning and pretending to be happy while they’re not. Most people maybe aren’t disturbed by this, but I am, especially when it’s someone I know.

So people, smile with a happy smile. A smile that comes from your heart.

*I will have one whole week of holiday, so maybe I’ll post again later this week. 🙂


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