loooooong weekend

Have I ever mentioned here that I only have classes from Monday to Wednesday? So practically, each week I have this looooong weekend, starting on Thursday. During my first 4 weeks, I had a company, my high school friend who was jobless then, but starting 3 weeks ago, she already has a job. So I spent my Thursday and Friday alone at home. I was fine with that at first, but now on the 3rd Friday alone, I start to feel lonely and jobless. I need something to do. I need to see someone to talk to. I know I have housemate and all, but she’s working so she will be available only after office hour. It means I still have to spend my whole day–I mean, DAY–alone.

I’m thinking of finding a part-time job, but I still need to think about it. I don’t want to take a compulsive decision which will ruin my study. But I’m really thinking about it. I can’t stand having looooong weekends alone at home, doing nothing [than my lab reports, which now I can finish in 2 hours].

Anywayyy.. have a nice weekend, everybody! ๐Ÿ™‚

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