another compliments :P

Forcing yourself back to sleep after waking up in the morning is not a good idea. I woke up at 5 am this morning and I went back to sleep. I thought, I had no one to talk to, I had no mood to do any assignment, and it was still very cold [5 degree Celcius!], so I forced myself to sleep until 9 am. Results: pretty bad headache, dizzy feeling, limp [I dunno the proper word :P] and bad dream. Ugghh I hate the last one.

Anyways, now that the temp has gone up to 15 degrees, I’m already refreshed after shower and report-working. I should be working on my project, but somehow I feel like writing, so here I am now. 😛

Last time I wrote about my compliments for my boyfriend, now I want to write something about my mom. 🙂 I know she won’t read it, but I really like praising her [I’ve done this before in my other blog and I think in this blog as well], coz she really deserves it. 🙂

1. She gave up her career to be a full-time mother. Now that I think about it [I always want to be a businesswoman and she encourages me to be one, all the time], it’s a very sweet thing. I remember how my friends were taken care by their babysitters [or their grandparents] and there my mother was, smiling and scolding me. Hehe.. I always hate it when she scolded me, but I even hate it more when I saw her crying after arguing with me. With her always being there for my sister and me, we are very close to each other. I want to be like her, a full-time mother. 🙂 [but still, with a plan of making my own business]

2. She’s the best advisor. Ever. I don’t know where she got it all, but experience talks. She’s always at home, she’s claiming herself as a technology illiterate, but she knows the world. Women tend to be emotional about everything, but she can be a very logical person at the same time. From relationship to career, I can go consult to her. Hehe.. 😛

3. She loves, she cares, but not too possessive. No one likes to be possessed by anyone else. We are human with our own free will and my mom realizes that all the time. She loves us and we always know that she really cares about us, but she never, ever, calls us too often to ask every single thing happens at the moment, even now that her two daughters are living away from home. I know she’s lonely, but she’s holding it for the best of both my sister and me. She’s really a strong woman.

4. She knows us best. She told me one day that she treats my sister and me differently, because our characteristics are different. She always knows when we’re lying but she keeps being quiet if it’s not a big thing. That way, I’m never able to lie to her. The odd is that she always knows when we’re not in a good condition [and we don’t say a word about it to her], she’ll call us and ask what happened. O_O A mother’s intuition. 🙂

She might not be the best mother in the world, but she’s the best mother for me. Love you, mom. 🙂


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