living overseas

*I’m trying to be consistent now. When I’m writing in English, I will make the title in English as well. Hehe.. 😛

After living here for 6 weeks, I realize and promise  one thing to myself: I’m not gonna change. I have my family and friends back at home who, I’m sure, will always remind me once I’ve changed a bit–before it gets worse.

Many Asians who already live here for a long time are influenced by the lifestyle of the Australians. It’s natural, I can accept that. I only don’t want me to change. I want to still keep the eastern lifestyle here. Keep being polite and not individual *oops can I? :P*, finish things with traditional thinking [this one I’m sure I can] and be able to say “Hey, I’m Asian. What’s wrong with keep being one?”

Anyway.. I enjoy living here. The air is cleaner [not much pollution] and colder [I like cold~]. The people are more obedience and respectful of others’ rights. The only problem is their individualism. They are already used to live alone and independently.

Let’s just pray that I’ll survive. 🙂


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