I’m a Student

Ughh.. I cannot write regularly anymore now. Each time i open my device and see the wordpress icon in the bookmarks, i feel a little bit guilty, but still, i won’t write anything. It’s like i’ve lost my passion and inspiration to write. 😦 Not that i forget how i really want to be a writer someday, it’s only that i’ve been too tired with everything (ok it’s an excuse).

Okay, stop being so mellancholy (i dunno how to write it properly :p) and let’s start with something nice.

It’s been 5 weeks since i moved to this new country and started my uni again. Wow, time flies really fast. I couldn’t get myself used to being a student again at first, but this week i finally feel like i’m already used to. I tried to work on my lab report yesterday and i successfully finished it in 2 hours only. Yay! Welcome my student brain. :p (I used to spend 3-4 hours finishing it at first)

I haven’t studied a lot, because somehow the 1.5-year away from school has freezed my brain from learning anything that comes with academic matters. Plus, i was still (and still am) trying to get used to the new environment. Things are getting better. Thank God. 🙂 Now the only thing i need is improving my English so i can use it more actively, to support my study. Fingers crossed!

Have a nice weekend, everybody~
(weekend starts on thursday for me :p)


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