Gosh, it’s not even the day and I’ve somehow felt the melancholy.

*confession* I went to Bandung last week and didn’t see my three recommenders. I only got to see one. Suddenly everybody’s becoming very busy… *well I’ve known it from a long time ago :P* So I sent them emails. Yes, only emails to send my regards and say goodbye.

I’ve been thinking the whole day about how to spend my last 3 days *it’s only 2.25 days now* at home. And I’ve decided:

  • Tomorrow: bake some chocolate chip cookies [yes, the one I used to sell to some friends :P]
  • Saturday: have dinner with family and go to bed early

I didn’t really do anything today. Tried to watch DVD *one thing I don’t think I would be doing there* but it’s jammed and then I lost my interest, had a nap and read the novel [I wonder why it takes a long time for me to finish one novel these days]. Sigh.


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