(Writing from this phone means every writing will seem to be long enough because of the smaller screen, while when u open the blog from a PC it will be a short one. My stupid nails are too long now, though, so it’s not really comfortable to type anything too long here.)

Talking about quiet, i have some interesting thoughts. First of all, there is not any person who is really quiet. I have been under the condition where i was really quiet and finally adapted to the situation and became a quite talkative girl. Now that i become both, i can recognize the environment where i will be quiet or talkative. I tend to be quiet when i’m among strangers (and it will be worse if those strangers knows and are close to each other they talk something i don’t understand) and not feeling comfortable with the ppl around me (this also applies to a group of ppl whom i know for quite a long time but i never feel really comfortable with).

Second of all, everything’s in their heads. When i’m quiet, i usually become more talkative.. inside. Yeah, i speak out loud in my head. So i come to this conclusion that most quiet ppl are actually talkative. They just don’t speak out their mind too often. Trust me, there are moments when u shud be more pro-active in speaking your mind out.

Last but not least, try to blog. It will be a starter for spreading your mind off. And it can also be a discussion topic. It might sound a bit nerdy writing a blog, but on the other side it’s fun. As for me, i’m not really a good speaker. I mumble and stumble most of the time but some friends say i’m good at writing (they said it 1-2 years ago when i wrote more often–i’m not sure if i still am a good writer now that i find it’s hard finding a topic to write about). Blogging can be a start to writing. 🙂

Let’s not be so quiet. 😉


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