Hollywood movies to stop distribution in Indonesia

I’ve heard this news since yesterday when some friends on my Twitter timeline keep tweeting about some new movies that are cancelled in Indonesia’s cinemas. I woke up this morning and found the news on a local newspaper. Well, it’s official then, I guess. I read the article and was pretty sure that it’s another degradation of Indonesia. I dunno what they are bringing this country to become. Only after these movies aren’t distributed in Indonesia anymore thousands of workers of the cinemas will be jobless and even more people will be lack of information [believe it or not, Indonesian choose watching movies rather than reading books]. Moreover [this is only a thought], the number of pirated DVDs will go up.

From the article I learned that this termination is due to the new import cost policy [or whatever they call it]. The Hollywood film distributor used to pay about 23.5% for tax [to export their movies to Indonesia] and the cinemas used to pay about 25% for import tax. Now the new policy even asked for more, and the Hollywood film producer association decided to no longer distribute their movies to Indonesia [I don’t think they will suffer a great loss anyway after they stop this]. I was like, WTH?!?!! I’m hoping that the government will change their mind–even if I’m not gonna be in this country anymore anyway–because…….. didn’t they think that they actually get something from the movie distribution?

I can’t understand what’s going on in their head. Maybe they need some mind hammer–the one they use in cartoons.. LOL–to actually SEE the outside world. The longer I live here the more I feel that there’s something wrong with their head. When other countries are doing their best to be more open in order to make their countries acceptable by the others, this one country is becoming even more closed. Starting with the “wars” and “attacks” that somehow reflects the disability to accept differences [even though we were very proud of the motto: “Bhinneka Tunggal Ika”, which means “diversity in unity”], they make more and more not logical policies. This is the start. The import cost policy that was only for goods but now is also for services. Zzzz~

Hmm.. I’m not the one in the capability of speaking things. I don’t think my voice will be heard anyway. So let’s just passively see what this country will become.

Anyways.. have a nice weekend, pals. 😉

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