Personal Relationship

First of all, happy Valentine’s day, people! 🙂 Some ppl are offended by the fact that they are currently single. Or having a long distance relationship. Actually, what matters the most today is how you spend the day with your loved ones. They can be your family or your best friends.

What I want to write about today is not about Valentine’s day, however. It’s about personal relationship. Only today I realized that we can be close to someone. And that someone can also be close to another one who is also close to us. (kinda confusing, eh?) But afterall, every single person’s relationship differs from others.

The simplest example is a family relationship. Children are usually close to their parents, but siblings might not be close to each other. Even when they are, they still have no idea about their siblings’ relationships with their parents. How someone thinks and acts tend to make others treat him differently to each other.

In my opinion (it’s not like I’m writing an essay here :P), personal relationship is a subjective thing and the quality of your personal relationship with other ppl reflects your attitude.

Once again, happy Valentine’s day. 😉


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