Mars & Venus

It’s been quite a while since I registered my email address to the internet service provider whose service I’m using for the last 2 years. Since then, they send me the Jakarta Globe newsletter every single morning (around 3 am but there’s no possibility that I will wake up at that hour only to read some articles–I read them first thing in the morning). What attracts me the most is the feature articles called “Mars & Venus”, posted every Wednesday.

The article today was about Valentine’s day. How men and women see things differently. Most of us think that guys tend to be careless about all the romance thingy. Truth is, they do care but sometimes are too confused they’re afraid they will make their couples upset. With all the pride that is, they say loudly that they don’t care.

Back to the topic about Valentine’s day, I spent 4 years in Bandung being single. So I made this “ladies day out” occasion with my lodge-mates on Valentine’s day. Well, Valentine’s day should be spent with our loved ones and that’s not only our girlfriend or boyfriend, rite? 😀

It’s just cute and funny seeing my guy friends trying hard to make the day special with their girlfriends. But becoming older and more mature, they no longer try that hard to get a girlfriend’s heart. Most girls still want that romance, though. As for me, I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s day, so I don’t care. 😛


*updating from my so-called smartphone now that my device is “under construction” :D*


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