*Blog was my only opportunity to improve my English, yet I didn’t really have much time to do blogging. So.. sorry for the bad English I’ve got now.

As a human being who sometimes thinks and does things too fast, I like to do things forward and don’t like it very much when I have to rewind.

Now that I’m working and sometimes some projects are postponed for some reason (mostly financial reason), I need to do the rewind, whether I like it or not [well you can conclude that I don’t like it]. What I hate the most is if I succeeded last time and suddenly it won’t work this time. Then I have to re-do the process all over again. Especially when the stupid me from the past didn’t take note enough to make me recall things that happened. [Trust me, that’s what’s happening to me now. I wanna scream that my previous work won’t do again this time and I have to re-do everything once again.]

Not only at work, I also hate it when I have to tell people the same thing over and over again. I’m not the kind of person who forgets what people say so easy. Maybe it’s fair enough that I hope people also don’t forget what I said to them, especially when I feel like that person’s someone important. Well, lucky for you, most of the time I actually forget what I said. 😛 There are so many people around me and all I need and care about are the people I love. I always remember what I said to them. [Again,most of the time. :D]

Gotta get back to the rewind thingy. Grrr.. wish me luck this time. 😉


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