Unlike some people I know, I can’t stand being idle. It doesn’t mean I don’t like using my time for leisure and take a rest–I like it very much–, but I don’t like being idle when I’m supposed to do something. Right now, as you might have guessed, I’m idle. I don’t like the fact that everyone around me [well, not exactly everyone, but most of them] is busy and I’m IDLE. With nothing to do. Well, it’s not like what you think. I’ve tried my best to solve the problem: I’ve changed the media, restarted my computer, turned the power on and off and on and off again [thank God it doesn’t blow], searched the tray for keys to the media, switched the “RUN” and “STOP” switch over and over [well you must be wondering what I’m doing now, eh? :P], ………….. GRRR..

*updated from my office desk when I’ve struggled for the last 6 hours to download stuff to my PLC*


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