Depp’s Charm ;))

I watched “The Tourist” this afternoon and once again was amazed by the charm of Johnny Depp. I like him so much–fell in love after watching “Charlie and The Chocolate Factory” and fell in love again and again after watching his every movie. 😛 He’s awesome! Don’t get it wrong, I don’t like him for his physical feature–he’s far from my definition of handsome, but he’s charming. It’s like I see a different person for each role he played. He’s a great character player, IMO. [I couldn’t even recognize his face when I was younger. What a shame! =.=] His role in “The Tourist” is the most……… ordinary character he’s playing.

Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow
Fan-made Image of Johnny Depp as Riddler

Anyways, I’m waiting for his next appearance. 🙂


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