2010 Resolution

Hmm.. maybe evaluating the year 2010 today is a bit too early. But this morning, realizing I didn’t have anything to do, I opened the box [yea I wrote the resolutions on a piece of paper and put it in a box] and read the resolutions I wrote on the 3rd of January this year.

So.. these are my resolutions for the year 2010 [since this is an evaluation, it’s fine to open it up to public :P]:

  1. Get a job. Well, as you might have known, I finally got a job in my current employer. I have worked there for 9 months++ now and really enjoy the job. 🙂
  2. Go to a concert. Done. April 29th, Kelly Clarkson’s concert. I actually wanted to go to a band concert–I was about to go to Lifehouse’s, but it was cancelled due to unavailability of midnight transportation–, hope I can go to a band concert in the year 2011.
  3. Go to another island/country for a holiday. What I had in my head was Karimunjawa or Bali or Phuket in Thailand, but I ended up having a holiday in Malaysia-Singapore. Well it’s fine and quite fun also. I hope that I can go to Karimunjawa or Bali or Phuket in the next 1-2 years. 🙂
  4. Be a better daughter/sister/friend. Hmm.. let’s skip this one since instead of becoming better, I became worse. 😦

Some people tend to write something they dream of in order to make them happy. Errr.. what’s the use of being happy when writing the resolutions and not happy when evaluating them? 😛 So I write things that are realistic for me.

Anyways, today is December 29th, 3 more days to the new year. Let’s fill these 3 days with something useful and fun. 🙂 Tee-hee 😀


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