I’m always proud to be someone with good-sighted eyes. Well well hello world, now that I’m working with computer for at least 8 hours per day, plus all the gadget and so after office hour, I feel like the world is not so clear anymore. I get bad-sighted eyeeesss~ T__T [bahasa Indonesianya: siwer]

Blame me for:

  • Working 8 hours straight without giving my eyes time to relax, as the books always say about working with computers. 😦
  • Making chatting late at night [position: laying on my bed] using the so-called gadget with lights off a habit. 😦
  • Eating less vegetable by skipping dinner at home [there won’t be a possibility of me eating vegetable during lunchtime!]. Less vegetable = less vitamin A = bad eyeeesss.. 😦
  • Staying up till late at night and still having to wake up early in the morning to go to work. 😦

Arghh.. I want my good eyes back!!! 😦


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