Well well so it really has been a while since I last updated my blog. I was quite busy doing things. 😉 *sounds like some secret mission, doesn’t it? :P*

The topic now is about the word “most”. “Paling”, kalo bahasa Indonesia-nya. [I prefer using English in this post – I just e-mailed someone using English so somehow the linguistic part of my brain is still English-y. :P]

I tweeted this morning: “Worst dilemma. I need some direction.”

See there? I used the word “worst”, describing something that is “most bad”. 😛 *in my non-English-brain definition* Few minutes after I tweeted so, I remembered that I’ve tweeted the same thing one day around a month ago. Only then I realized that “most” is actually a time-dependent variable.

**most = f(time)**

[I’m feeling like a freak now.]

For example, when you eat some delicious food, you’ll say that it’s the most delicious food you’ve ever had. Or when someone says in the song “best I ever had” [that’s actually the title of Vertical Horizon’s song :P]. It’s only temporary, relatively true to the time from you were born until the second you say that. You won’t know if tomorrow or any day in the future you’ll eat something more delicious than the most delicious food you’d had or have something or someone that is better than the one you’d had. The #1 position will then go to the next, better thing you tasted.

In conclusion *emangnya essay?!! :P*, “most” is a time-dependent variable.

*in Ryan Higa’s way* Tee-hee! 😀


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