money never sleeps

This is definitely not about the movie called “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps” starring Michael Douglas and Shia LeBeouf–which is quite nice even though I don’t understand all the stock-related terms they’re using there. But well well we can learn from there, how money can make a man deceive his woman and a father cheat his daughter.

As you might have read before in my previous posts *in my other blog, actually:, where you cannot comment unless you have an account :P–that’s one reason I moved–and patiently copied everything–to wordpress :D*, I’m not the one who is money-oriented. It might be because my parents’ influence; I’ve never been taught to make money a priority. *thanks to them* Soooo.. deceiving and cheating someone because of money are cruel, for me. We never live in wealth, but also never lack. Everything’s enough.

However, the outside world is not like that: everyone’s competing each other for money. I must admit that money is really important this day, especially for those who live in big city like me, where lifestyle means money. I’m reading this novel (ugh blame me!! x_x) titled “Cewek Matre”, where the girl’s condition is more or less like me and most of my friends living in Jakarta: overwork and underpaid. 😛 Problem is, she cannot control herself not to not wasting money. In the end, she’s the one who’s getting depressed of monetary problem. LOL.

Eeerrrr.. where am I again? 😛 I’m not in the capacity for talking about the money that never sleeps. I am truly aware that with no money, we cannot live. But I’m also aware that however much money you have, you shouldn’t spend every single cent *as if IDR have cents.. :P* for fun. Or for lifestyle. Any reason. Money never sleeps, but human must sleep in order not to spend all available money. Hwehehe..

*TGIF, guys~ 🙂


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