the weird one

I took a look at my watch while rushing to the angkot place. A quarter past six. Damn! I’m late again, I thought. The traffic wasn’t so good lately; it’s jam everywhere and it would take me 2 hours to home.

It was only five minutes later that I reached the place. The angkot wasn’t there yet, maybe after a while… A middle-aged guy with an eccentric look got my attention. He was wearing a loose jacket over his old-looking shirt, together with loose trousers AND earphones. By the time the angkot came, he quickly took a seat near the door, not putting his earphones off.

As the angkot went by, he still sat there near the door, looking closely at the road and readily shouting at the driver when someone was to get into or off the angkot. What attracted me is, he didn’t really seem like he’s listening to something through his earphones. And he acted weird. You know, I don’t really believe my intuition, since it’s only 50% right [the less observation, the more it’s true], and this time my intuition said there’s something wrong with this guy. But still, I can’t be so sure until I make sure myself, rite? I wonder what’s making him weird….


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