Hello Saturday~ πŸ™‚ I’ve spent the whole day outside home, so I just have the time to update the blog now. Hopefully I will no longer share something unimportant here today.

I just realized these last couple of weeks that I’m really someone who is lack of concentration. Sad, isn’t it? I don’t like ignoring people. At all. Based on my high school “rule of thumb”, I always try my best to pay attention when someone is speaking in public. I was always successful then, being in the middle of obedient friends. Only after I went to campus, with friends from many other schools where they don’t teach us to respect people (hmm.. it really sounds like I blame them, eh? πŸ˜› But I think that’s one factor, because my college friends tend to chat to each other using louder voice than the speaker in front.), I started to become careless.

I don’t like myself now, being used to ignore people. It seems like my brain has been used to the condition of being-able-to-concentrate-only-for-1-hour-or-less-but-not-more. Pheew.. It happened during my last couple of years in college (I tend to chat or play with my friends after the first one hour, especially when it’s the unliked lecturer’s class) and continues until now. I can’t get myself to concentrate during even important meetings. When people start to talk about something that is out of topic or I don’t understand or (too many ors, I think :P) when I’m in a meeting that doesn’t have clear purposes, that’s it. I lose my concentration. 😦

Well well.. let’s end this. I start to talk my heart out again. ==” Zzz.. should see something new in order to write something meaningful.


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