hello October!

Wheww.. it feels like it was just yesterday when my cousins and I were watching the fireworks in Puncak to welcome the new year 2010. Now it’s obviously not a new year anymore, it’s now the 10th month already. 9 months have passed and many changes have occurred during the period.

The one thing I always (and will always) remember about October is that it was the month of my graduation ceremony. Yeah, last year, during these days, my friends (especially the female ones) and I were busy trying to find something to wear for the graduation. Not to mention the salloon where we were about to have our hair-dos and make-ups. We have to book the salloon really fast because there were 3 universities holding their graduations on the same day. Fortunately, I found and booked one before others found it.

This October? I’m sitting in an office cubicle (not mine, but still, it’s in an office, one thing I could nv imagine as a freshly graduated person last year), listening to the voices of ppl chit-chatting (I’m currently in a bad mood I’m not gonna join them) and posting this in the middle of some test. Many things have changed in a 1-year period, and I’m not regretting the changes.

Every single thing that has happened to me was all meaningful and I feel like I’m much more mature now than then. 🙂 Thank God for everything He’s done and given me, for always being there for me. I’m now being close to home and my parents again, with many more friends from office. I love my life! 🙂

So.. what am I gonna do in the next 3 months? Dunno yet, but hopefully it will be better than the last one year. Fingers crossed. X)

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