now and then

(Hmm.. I’ve decided to try to write and speak more in English in order to improve my English, so just enjoy some posts in English.. 🙂 Promise you I won’t use those GRE words. *The thing is, I can’t even remember the words myself. :P)

Actually I don’t really like treating this blog like a life journal. I don’t like exposing my life to public–hmm.. fortunately *tragically* there are only 5-6 readers to my posts, the others are just clicking the link when they’re Googling about Tom Hardy the oh-so-handsome guy from Inception. Problem is that lately I don’t have any inspiration to write, yet I feel the urge to write something here.

Having been single for several months now (the Facebook status hasn’t been “Single” the whole time, though 😛 Tried thing out with a good friend of mine but it appears that he’s better be just friends with me. :)), I’m actually enjoying it. It’s only some friends of mine trying to matchmake me with other single friends. *Sigh* They say it’s the prove that they care about me, but whatever. I can only laugh at them everytime they mention a different name. Well I guess that’s the risk of being single. *Sigh again*

My best friends are also single, so I’ve got no problem with hanging out time. LOL. All of us are just entering the work life and after the first month of working with a BF, I can say that it’s better not having one when you’re just entering the world. Maybe we can find someone after another 6 months or so. 😛 (Hmm.. of course we’re not gonna be single forever and gotta start searching rite? ;)) So, any of you interested in my friends??? Raise your hands so I can introduce you. 😛

Second thing, I’m currently having this problem. I cannot mention the problem here, but it involves one good friend of mine. OK blame me for lying to her in her unsteady state (feels like talking about control system thingy, eh?). I have apologized several times and it’s been more than a month since the lie, but she seems to have not forgotten. I’m truly aware that the saying “I can forgive you, but I’ll never forget what you’ve done” is true, but I just can’t believe that a good friend can keep the vengeance for so long. 😦 She can say that she also can’t believe that I’m being all lie to her, but but but…. 😦 You know what? I’m just afraid the more she keeps the vengeance, the more potential I get myself angry with her. 😛 I don’t get angry easily, but when you take simple problem seriously and keep it for a long time? I’ll definitely get angry. (FYI, the problem *the lie topic* doesn’t even involve her, it’s all about me.)

Hmmm.. see? Once I started to spread things out of my heart, I just can’t stop. So I guess we stop here for today. Ciao~ 🙂


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