complaining and whining

(I’m in the mood of English, so… happy reading! :P)

I was sitting quietly (as I always am *pengen kabur sebelum digamparin orang-orang*) in an angkot (read as it’s written; meaning: a public mean of transportation) when an old lady, in the age of 60s *well don’t believe me too much that I’m a bad age-predictor*, came in and sat right next to me. After 5 minutes of sitting down, she answered a call from her husband. Before her husband even said anything (I knew because she barely stopped speaking), she yelled, “MASIH DI PASAR, MACET BANGET INI! … NGERTI GA SIH, PA?! MASIH MACET BANGET! … AH, TAU AH!” (meaning: I’M STILL AT THE MARKET, TRAPPED IN A TRAFFIC JAM! … DON’T U UNDERSTAND?! IT’S NOT MOVING! … OK IT’S UP TO U!!!”)

20 minutes later, she mumbled loudly *I dunno if we can call it “mumbling” when someone does it loudly* about two things:

  1. “HADUHHH.. MACET BANGET SIH, PADAHAL GA ADA APA-APA, CUMA MOBIL DOANG..” (meaning: “WHEW.. WHAT A JAM. THERE ISN’T EVEN ANYTHING, ONLY CARS EVERYWHERE…”) Well well old lady, isn’t it why they call it “traffic jam”, because the cars are jammed there??
  2. “CKK.. *mendecakkan lidah* PANAS BANGET DAH!” (meaning: “TSK.. IT’S SO HOT IN HERE!”) Yeah you are so welcomed take the taxi to be comfy in an air conditioned car.

Listening to her complaints and whines reminds me of……. me.

I used to be someone who complains and whines way too much, until one day a teacher who is very liked because of his patience became angry at my classmates and me. He said (after my classmate exhaled frustrated-ly *does the word exist?* after a test paper) we complained way too much he’s fed up already. Whew.. what a shock. The class was getting silent in less than a second. He then lectured us about how he managed to teach us patiently everyday, after he’s struggling with the packed train to get to school, and never complained. He is sure that when we stop complaining and whining, good things will soon come to us. If we keep complaining and whining, we’ll only be the magnet of bad things.

Then I tried to decrease the frequency of complaining and whining, until the level of now (whew. I still complain and whine way too much but this is much better than then?! :P), my own limit, and felt better. It is proved that my teacher was right, we must stop complaining and whining in order to get good things.

So I dunno why the granny was so complainy *there’s no such word, but whateva :P* and whiny, like a kid. If only she was younger, maybe I’ll tell her to stop. Now I could only pray to God to make her husband patient. 😛


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