Tom Hardy

Happy Monday morning, all!!! 🙂 Not really in the mood to write today, but I’m reading August 2010’s Cinemags, discussing about Inception, newest movie by Chris Nolan when I suddenly remember how I like Tom Hardy a.k.a. Eames. He’s not as handsome and charming as Jensen Ackles, but he’s cute. 😀 [for my friend Tata, she would really like the facial hair Hardy has :P–errr.. I like him without his facial hair, tho :P]

Bearded Tom Hardy
Younger, Unbearded Tom Hardy

6 thoughts on “Tom Hardy

  1. I love him. He’s great, I love his facial hair too and his body, and his face, he’s perfect. I love Tom Hardy, I love his story of life. He’s just the kind of guy I would love to meet and fall in love with. Thank you for this post!


  2. Holy smokes I LOVE this man! I first laid eyes on him when I Netflix’d 2009’s Wuthering Heights, a few months back…OMG, I had to watch it again. He portrays Heathcliff just like I’d imagined him to be like.

    I then watched Bronson (incredible, btw) and Inception.
    Not only is he smokin’ hot but a great actor!!


  3. This Tom Hardy is an amazing actor and a gorgeous man! I first saw him as Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights and I’ve viewed that PBS version twelve times or more! Anyone seeing his transformation from a young Heathcliff to an older/ bulkier/caustic old madman will be convinced that Tom Hardy, like his compatriot Daniel Day- Lewis, can become anything or anyone!


  4. Tom Hardy you are yum! yum! you melt my butter. Your a BEAUTIFUL man so masculine and hunky, I first saw you on STAR TREK NEMISIS. Oh did I nearly forget your a brilliant actor too, basically the whole package.


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